Liquid Lefty – Frozen

Liquid Lefty was founded in 2008 by Jelske Hoogervorst (saxophone) and Pieter Hoogervorst (bass). Liquid Lefty is danceable jazz played by an energetic, versatile live-band. Mixing electronic jazzvamps, morphing soundscapes with acoustic instruments. Together they push their music from funkjazz to rockdance, from spheric film-ish-music to repetitive rhythms. For those who love jazz, dance, funk, rock, ambient, and all hybrid styles: come and join the ride with Liquid Lefty! Pieter and Jelske (twins) wrote most of their music together. In July 2010 their composition Frozen Fish was chosen as Best Composition by the jury of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2010 at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2010.  Liquid Lefty released their album Frozen in March 2011.